Feeling Down About Your Hair Loss? PRP Can Restore It!


It can be hard to accept hair loss. Society often associates beauty with luxurious hair as a symbol of youth and health. The psychological effects can be devastating, as many men and even women believe they have to suffer from bald patches and thinning hair forever. But, with new technology and a deeper understanding of the science behind human blood and how it can aid in hair stimulation, you can once again recapture your once missing locks of hair. For Dallas area adults, thinning hair or bald spots can get you down, but with new hair rejuvenation treatments available like PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, it may soon be a distant memory.


ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, TX, offers this new innovative way to fight hair loss or bald spots. PRP therapy uses a person's rich plasma agents to build back up areas of hair loss to restore balding or thinning hair without the need for surgery. PRP can also promote new hair growth. The highly skilled team at ZO Skin Centre has provided some helpful information on this innovative hair restoration treatment. With PRP therapy, you can feel more confident, happy, and less self-conscious about your hair loss.


Why does hair loss happen?

Hair loss can affect both men and women, although it is more common in men. As men age, hair loss is part of the process as hair follicles become dormant and fall out. For women, hair loss or thinning hair can be the result of an autoimmune disease called alopecia. Hormonal changes such as menopause can also bring on this issue, which can cause bald or thinning areas on the scalp. With the help of PRP therapy, patients in the Dallas area have a nonsurgical way to restore their missing hair so they can feel good on the inside and out.


What is PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is a regenerative treatment that stands for platelet-rich plasma. The platelets in our blood are made up of protein-rich plasma that can stimulate new cell growth and blood vessel formation, which acts as a healing agent. PRP therapy for hair loss can promote hair to regenerate and eliminate thinning or bald areas. 


Taking the first step to stop hair loss in Dallas

At ZO Skin Centre, the first step is to have a comprehensive consultation and examination at our Dallas, TX office with one of our professionally trained specialists. During this time, it will be determined if you are a viable candidate for PRP, and if so, a blood sample is taken. The blood is placed in a sterile centrifuge and separated into three different components: red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma. The platelet-rich plasma features the restorative platelets that are responsible for new hair growth and are used in the PRP injection process. A numbing agent is used in the targeted hair regeneration area so that patients can remain comfortable and awake during the procedure. 


How is the PRP procedure performed?

PRP is injected with a micro-sized needle just below the numbed scalp. This technique creates thousands of small, strategically placed punctures to assist in the delivery of the PRP. The platelets also help with the healing process of the injection site. This means that the target area is less noticeable and heals faster. After about an hour or less, depending on the size and amount of target areas, individuals can return to their daily routine.


The results of PRP therapy are in

With PRP therapy treatments, restorative hair growth takes about 4-6 months. During that time, patients will attend follow-up appointments at ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, TX, to check-in on progress and determine if any additional PRP treatments are needed. In most cases, 12-18 months after the first PRP treatment, a second one is suggested to improve the health of the hair follicles and continue to promote new growth. This will also help to minimize future hair loss so patients can keep enjoying their new look.


Bald spots, thinning hair or a receding hairline can be devastating. Nonsurgical options like PRP therapy treatments can stimulate a person's own body to regrow hair in target areas, restoring thickness and volume. No one wants to look in the mirror and see bald spots. PRP therapy injections performed by the skilled staff at ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, TX, can give patients dramatic results both for their appearance and their self-confidence. If you are ready to look and feel young again, call ZO Skin Centre to schedule your PRP therapy consultation today.

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