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Pamper your hands with our luxurious Oraser Nourishing Hand Treatment at the ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, TX to promote the health and appearance of your hands. Just like your facial skin, the hands can lose volume, become dehydrated and suffer damage from the sun's harmful rays.

What do your hands say about you? Many of us expose our hands to harsh chemicals each day or have a genetic predisposition to volume loss, age spots, and thin skin. Whatever your story is, our medical aestheticians can help ease the signs of aging or damage on your skin with our Oraser Nourishing Hand Treatment. We can exfoliate and rehydrate your skin with sugar crystals, shea butter, mango seed oil, and safflower oil. Ask about our injectable wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers to help revitalize your skin for a healthier look.

Best Candidates

You should consider having an Oraser Nourishing Hand Treatment if you have hands that look much older than your chronological age. Many candidates seeking the Oraser Nourishing Hand Treatment have very thin skin on their hands and have visible, bulbous veins or distinct age spots. This treatment is also very effective for preventive care to keep your hands youthful and fresh. This refreshing treatment combines a targeted approach of hydration, exfoliation, and a paraffin masque.

What to Expect

First, our medical aestheticians will perform a thorough skin analysis. Your appointment should be about 30 minutes if you are only having the Oraser Hand Treatment. If you add injectable fillers or wrinkle relaxers, you will need to take that into account for your schedule. To begin, our medical aesthetician will cleanse your skin before applying the exfoliate. Then, a mixture of sugar crystals, shea butter, mango seed oil, and safflower oil will be massaged onto your hands and forearm to scrub away the dead skin cells and debris. Next, a paraffin masque will be spread over your skin. This masque will aid in the restoration of moisture and your hands will feel smoother. You will receive a massage, followed by an application of our lush, anti-aging treatment with retinol, antioxidants, impressive emollients, and strong sun protection for finishing touches. You will leave our office with silky, younger-looking hands.

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Comfort Your Aging Skin

Treat yourself to an Oraser Nourishing Hand Treatment that leaves hands looking younger, feeling smoother, and glowing. No matter what your age, your hand skin will be improved in texture and color. If you would like to learn more about our other hand treatments with lasers or injectable fillers, it would be our pleasure to offer you a consultation to address all your options in hand rejuvenation techniques at ZO Skin Centre in Dallas. No appointment is necessary, but you can call to schedule one at your convenience with our front desk receptionists.

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