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Thinking about permanent makeup? Are you ready to wake up each morning with color on your lips and lash lines? Cosmetic tattooing can replace daily eyeliner applications that smudge and only last a few hours. We can also change the color of your lips to the perfect shade just for you with this technique as well. Permanent makeup embeds colored pigments into the top layer of the skin to mimic the appearance of cosmetic products for convenience and consistency. Schedule a consultation with our permanent makeup technician, Amber Garton, at the Dallas, Texas ZO Skin Centre in Highland Park to develop your personalized treatment plan.

Summary of Services

Lash Liner Tattooing

Top/Bottom Lash Liner Application
60 minutes for $700
Six Week Touch-up Application
45 minutes for $400
Annual Retouch Application
45 minutes for $400

Top Lash Liner Application
45 minutes for $550
Six Week Touch-up Application
30 minutes for $400
Annual Retouch Application
30 minutes for $300

Bottom Lash Liner Application
Six Week Touch-up Application $200
Annual Retouch Application

Lip-Blush Tattooing

Lip-Blush First Application
Six Week Touch-up Application
Annual Retouch Application

Best Candidates

We offer our permanent makeup services to men and women who would like to enhance the color of their facial features. If you are interested in this services, we ask that you be in good health, not pregnant, and do not have high blood sugar levels that will prolong your healing time. We see patients of all ages. This is a great option for patients who do not have a steady hand to administer their makeup, want longer lasting color without smearing, or are unable to apply cosmetics due to their ability or an allergy.

Treatment Options

For cosmetic tattooing, you will select the shade of pigment that will be applied to your skin. Your technician will explain the different tools (a traditional tattoo coil machine, a pen machine, or a handheld tattooing device) that can be used. The tool will be chosen by the technician based on the position of the tattoo and the design. Just like a normal tattoo, we give aftercare instructions on how to care for your skin. Cosmetic tattoo coloring will weaken over time. The makeup may need to be retouched or refreshed after several years.

What to Expect

You can expect to have no downtime with permanent makeup. When your appointment is over, you can go about your day as usual. Of course, you will have some redness in and around the treatment spots. Don't worry. It should go away by the end of the day. The color will appear darker than you selected, but it will tone down to your selected color in approximately two weeks. Follow-up appointments will be necessary in 5 – 6 weeks to achieve your color. You may need more touch-up appointments to maintain your lively color and will need to reapply the tattooing in 1 – 2 years.

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Makeup That Lasts

If you have considered cosmetic tattooing to enhance the color of your lips or eyeliner so the color stays put, call us at the ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, Texas. We have a variety of pigment colors that will provide you with lasting color without applying products on your face to magnify your beauty. 

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