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About Sun-Related Consults

Does your skin have dark spots or textural issues due to previous sun damage? At The Skin Centre in Dallas, Texas, you can meet with one of our experienced dermatology team members to have your skin analyzed for specific damage related to the sun's harmful rays. In a private discussion, your sun-related skin consultation can determine the best ways to meet your skin care needs by assessing the depth of the problems in your skin. Patients of all ages who request this type of consultation may have hyperpigmentation issues, rough skin, wrinkles, lines, hydration issues, and more. Our goal with a sun-related skin consultation is to help you find the best intervention for your skin so that you get back on track to healthier skin.

Sun-Related Conditions

Sun Damage

Sun-damaged skin can present itself in many ways besides the occasional sunburn. Over time, the sun will cause your skin to evolve. Wrinkles, pigmentation spots, loss of hydration, and skin disease or disorders are all possibilities your skin could endure with repeated overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun.


When you have an over production of melanin in your facial skin, it can be very difficult to treat pigmentation conditions without professional medical help. We consult with patients with sun-damaged skin presenting as hyperpigmentation (freckles, sun spots, dark patches, blotchy skin, and more).


The sun can bring out a hyperpigmentation called melasma, which is a hormonal pigmentation condition. Melasma consultations will assess the severity of your condition, and we will strategize ways to reduce the appearance of melasma flare-ups. We also can recommend ZO Skin Health products and services for treatment, such as the ZO Controlled Depth Peel with or without a laser skin resurfacing. Melasma is a skin condition that has to be managed as there is no cure. Keep in mind that even with aggressive or consistent treatment, sometimes the pigmentation will return to the same spot on your skin. Superficial melasma responds well to creams and disappears, but deep melasma may require a combination of peels and procedures.

Before and After
Melasma patient-before and after 6 weeks post treatment

Best Candidates

Everyone needs to protect their skin from the sun. We provide sun-related skin consultations for all patients who have mild to severe noticeable skin conditions from chronic overexposure to the sun. We also will consult with you if you just want to learn how to protect your skin to prevent future skin care problems (like wrinkles and sun spots).  

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Save Your Skin From the Sun

While exposure to the sun is inevitable, damaging your delicate skin does not have to be your reality. With our skin care and sun protection regimens available at The ZO Skin Centre, we can have you covered. ZO Skin Health Triple Spectrum Protection Sunscreens, voted as one of the best skin sunscreens by D magazine, provide maximal sun protection against UVA + UVB, HEV and IR-A exposure to help you retain younger-looking, healthy skin for longer and decrease the risk of skin diseases or disorders from the sun. A sun-related skin consultation is available daily at our office. Please call and schedule an appointment or walk-in for your analysis today.

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