Morpheus8: The Favorite Celebrity Skin Tightening Treatment

Victoria Murillo | 01/31/2023

With all the cosmetic options that celebrities have access to, Morpheus8 continues to be the most sought out non-surgical skin tightening treatment.


The best at home treatment for anti-aging

Victoria Murillo | 01/24/2023

Growth Factor Serum and Firming Serum are forever a match made in heaven! Learn how they synergistically work together to turn back the hands of time.


What you need to know about lip injections with dermal filler

Victoria Murillo | 01/23/2023

Want to make an appointment for a lip augmentation? Here are some important things to know before your appointment.


How to maximize your Coolsculpting results

Carley Smith | 01/20/2023

Stubborn pockets of fat can be frozen and eliminated with this revolutionary, noninvasive procedure.


Five ways Hydrafacial MD can benefit your skin

Victoria Murillo | 01/20/2023

A HydraFacial treatment can facilitate younger, smoother-looking skin by improving common concerns such as acne, fine lines, and congested skin.


How to choose a qualified nurse injector

Dr. Mark Khorsandi | 01/03/2023

Thinking about getting facial filler help? Filler treatments or injectables are a medical procedure that requires specific qualifications.


Tips to make your Botox last

Victoria Murillo | 12/20/2022

The results of noninvasive Botox injections can be stunning. Learn how to make them last longer with a few tips from qualified aesthetic injectors.


HydraIPL: A safe and simple way to rejuvenate your skin

Victoria Murillo | 12/14/2022

Freckles, dark spots and discoloration can make your skin look aged. Reverse the clock on years of sun damage with an IPL photofacial.


Five reasons to choose Coolsculpting at ZO Skin Centre Dallas

Mia Gray | 11/16/2022

Top 5 Reasons To Choose CoolSculpting!


Understanding Brotox

Victoria Murillo | 10/20/2022

Botox for men


CoolSculpting explained: How does it work

Dr. Mark Khorsandi | 08/13/2022

How freezing fat can get you a fabulous figure


Botox Vs. Dysport: Battle of the Wrinkle Relaxers

Dr. Mark Khorsandi | 08/04/2022

You have probably heard of both of these anti-aging solutions, but which one is better? We compare these injectables so you can be better informed.


Injectables are changing how we age

Dr. Mark Khorsandi | 06/08/2021

When done correctly and over a span of time, injectables can help turn back the hands the time. Here’s how injections can slow down the aging process.


All you need to know to prepare for National Sunscreen Day

Mia Gray | 06/01/2021

Use Sunscreen Day as a reminder to make sure you are properly protecting yourself from the sun.


Separating facts and myths about Botox

Dr. Mark Khorsandi | 11/27/2019

The real truth about the misconceptions regarding BOTOX and what you need to know when considering this cosmetic, anti-aging powerhouse.


Can PRP Therapy Cure My Hair Loss?

Dr. Mark Khorsandi | 11/14/2019

Hair replacement therapy is continuously evolving for both men and women. PRP treatment results have people talking and noticing a visible difference.


What Is A Photofacial? Do I Need One?

Dr. Mark Khorsandi | 11/11/2019

Achieve younger-looking, healthier skin with photofacial skin rejuvenation treatments and address various skin concerns with IPL therapy.


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