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The Importance of Scalp Health

Our skin is our bodies largest organ. Our skin acts as barrier, protecting your body from harmful things in such as free radicals, pollution, weather, UV rays and bacteria. Although the skin on our scalp has an abundance of hair follicles and larger sebaceous glands, ZO Skin Centre Dallas makes it a priority to care for your skin from head to toe. 


Nutrafol offers clinically-backed, hair growth nutraceuticals tailored to different bio-specific needs and life stages, including postpartum and menopause.

According to Nutrafol, research shows that several underlying factors that affect overall health can profoundly impact your hair and everyone’s combination of causes is different. Nutrafol targets key factors that can shorten the growth phase, delay new growth, and cause new hair to grow thinner.

Root causes for thinning hair include:

- Hormones

High levels of DHT can shrink hair follicles and shorten the hair growth cycle, resulting in hair thinning and hair loss. 

- Stress

Significant physical or emotional stress can push large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase, making the affected hairs fall out when combing or washing your hair.

- Metabolism 

Metabolism can be influenced by inflammation, high glycemic diet and thyroid issues. When your metabolism slows down, your body may invest more energy trying to keep up vital functions rather than maintaining healthy hair.

- Nutrition 

Nutrient deficiencies like riboflavin, biotin, folate, and vitamin B12 have been associated with hair loss. 

- Aging

As we age, our skin and scalp loses collagen and elastin, meaning it’s not strong enough to hold onto hair strands.

- Lifestyle

Smoking and external factors such as pollution, sun exposure and hair products such as bleaching or dyeing can be triggers for hair loss.

Nutrafol Core Supplements 


Hair growth nutraceuticals for every body.

Tailor your hair growth regimen to your bio-specific needs with 16+ more ingredients to address nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the body. 

Natural ingredients patented for hair growth:

- Saw Palmetto

Lowers follicle-shrinking DHT hormone to promote hair growth without comprising sexual performance. 

- Sensoril Ashwaganda 

An adaptogens that helps balance stress hormones and build stress resilience to support hair growth cycle. 

- Tocotrienol Complex

A concentrated form of vitamin E that improves hair density by reducing environmental stress. 

- Curcumin

A super antioxidant that is able to address multiple root causes of hair thinning and is 500x more potent than turmeric alone, according to the Jagetia of Clinical Immunology. 

- Marine Collagen Peptides

Provides the building blocks for strong hair fibers while delivering hydration to the scalp. 

Nutrafol Boosters


Growth Activator Hair Serum by Nutrafol is a light-weight and fast absorbing serum formulated with patent-pending Ashwagandha Exosomes to boost cell renewal, activating the hair follicles for visible thickness and strength of the hair. 

Scalp Support 


Nutrafol is always doing new studies and adding more hair care products for your scalp support. 

Nutrafol's Scalp Microbiome Support system takes a science-based approach using natural ingredients to prime, purify and balance the scalp microbiome and defend against damage for healthier and fuller hair. 


- Clinically tested and microbiome friendly 

- Color and extension safe

- Physician formulated 

- Stylist approved 

- Free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates and synthetic fragrance 

Hair feeling weak, thin or brittle? ZO Skin Centre Dallas can help start you on a comprehensive hair health regimen using a combination of hair restoration treatments and Nutrafol, nutraceuticals made my physicians. 

For more information, please contact ZO Skin Centre Dallas or schedule a consultation with one of our experienced aesthetic nurses. 

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