What you need to know about lip injections with dermal filler

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With injectable fillers, it has never been quicker or easier to make your pout more pronounced. For those considering a lip augmentation, ZO Skin Centre Dallas' expert nurse injectors break down the procedure and explain the important role that injectable fillers play enhancing your smile. 

What is a lip augmentation? 

Lip augmentation is a nonsurgical procedure designed to make your lips appear fuller and plumper. These results are most commonly achieved via injections with a fine needle that delivers natural filler solutions to boost volume and size. The shape of the lips can be improved to create a glamorous look. Lip augmentation is a powerful tool in the battle against the effects of aging. When thin lips are made rounder and fuller, you may look years younger. 


What is expected during a lip filler procedure? 

Although it is a safe, simple, and fast treatment, it is important to remember that a lip injection is a medical procedure. 

A consultation with one of our experienced nurse injectors is necessary to determine whether you are a good candidate to receive the injections. 

Those with certain medical issues as well as tobacco users may be precluded from treatment. Be sure to advise your provider about your medical history as it may affect the results of your lip injections. Your lips will be evaluated to make sure that their structure is adequate to support the use of fillers so that natural-looking results can be achieved. 

Immediately post lip augmentation

As with any injection using a needle, expect bruising and swelling for at least up to 2 weeks.  

The most swelling will take place 24-72 hours post-injection. Arnica tablets and avoiding alcohol, blood thinners and exercise will help reduce and prevent excess bruising and swelling. 

That said, patients should not be nervous at the sight of unevenness or lumps or bumps in the lips as hyaluronic acid fillers take up to 4 weeks to fully integrate with your tissue. Your nurse injector may instruct you to massage your lips to help minimize lumps, however our special collection of fillers are made with patent technologies that most times do not require massaging. 

Patients are encouraged to wait 4 weeks, when lips have fully healed for any additional touch ups. 

For more information, ask your advanced nurse injectors which line of fillers is best for you and your lip goals at ZO Skin Centre Dallas. 

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