The importance of prepping the canvas

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Each patient at ZO Skin Centre Dallas is treated like a work of art. The providers at ZO Skin Centre emphasize the importance of prepping the skin before going in with mild to aggressive aesthetic treatments such as lasers, peels, and other injectables. 

Why do I need to prep my skin before doing aesthetic treatments?

The same reason why fitness instructors tell you to stretch before doing a high intensity workout. And the same reason why surgeons don't perform surgery on the same day a patient has their consultation. You and your skin needs to prepared! 

For more aggressive treatments, your provider at ZO Skin Centre Dallas may have you prep your skin using medical grade skincare so your skin is strong and tolerable to the treatment. 

How can I prep my skin? 

For anyone new to aesthetics or medical grade skincare in general, the best way to prepare for any in office treatment is start with a simple, yet effective skincare regimen that repairs and rebuilds your skin barrier functions.

ZO Skin Health offers effective protocols and regimens that strengthen skin barrier functions, providing powerful ingredients and antioxidants that in turn leave you with glowing, healthy and strong skin. 

Here are some star ZO Skin Health products that can help your skin pre and post treatment at ZO Skin Centre Dallas!

How to prep for skin brightening treatments 

Depending on the level of intensity on the treatment, your ZO Skin Health expert may have you prep your skin with a retinol or retin-A to help prep the skin for a peel or laser. Retinol or retin-A helps speed up skin cellular turn over, which in turn is helping to lighten some pigmentation and increasing the integrity of your skin. Your ZO Skin Health expert may recommend the following for brightening:  

Wrinkle + Texture Repair, Retinol Skin Brightener or Radical Night Repair 




How to prep for skin tightening treatments 

For patients seeking skin tightening treatments with Morpheus8 or Forma using radio frequency, it is important to also have a strong skin barrier foundation. For skin barrier strength, we highly recommend: 

Firming Serum


Daily Power Defense 

Daily Power Defense

How to prep for injectables

Read our blog about the best at home treatment for anti-aging! Firming Serum and Growth Factor Serum are the perfect pair for maintaining the longevity of your injectables. 

The best at home treatment for anti-aging

Firming Serum is a lightweight, all in one formula that reinforces skin health that hydrates and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Firming Serum is apart of ZO Skin Health's ZCORE™ complex, which helps improve the appearance of visibly sagging skin and defines facial contours.

Need help getting your skin ready for a procedure? Consultations are recommended and necessary. ZO Skin Centre Dallas is here to help you be the masterpiece you are! For questions on what to expect from a ZO Skin Health protocol or more information, reach out to ZO Skin Centre Dallas. 

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