Five reasons to choose Coolsculpting at ZO Skin Centre Dallas

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Top 5 Reasons To Choose CoolSculpting!

With summer right around the corner, we are all doing what it takes to get summer-ready, right? Are you maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen but still have stubborn areas of body fat? Well, CoolSculpting at ZO Skin Centre Dallas is here to help men and women of all ages meet their aesthetic goals. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non surgical procedure that eliminates fat by freezing it, which will subsequently be destroyed in targeted areas. The FDA cleared the CoolSculpting procedure in 2010 and over 7 million CoolSculpting Treatments have been performed since then. 

Here are 5 reasons for choosing CoolSculpting:

1. CoolSculpting Is A Painless And Comfortable Treatment

CoolSculpting; no surgery, no needles, no downtime. Yes, you read that correctly! Typically, patients can return to normal activities immediately. Many times, our patients will return to work once their CoolSculpting treatment is over. The entire process is actually quite comfortable. We have a tv in the room for our patients to watch various networks to make the process as comfortable as possible. Some even bring a good book, magazine, laptop, iPads, or even take the time to relax in our zen setting. There is no preparation needed before your appointment.

2. CoolSculpting Successfully Treats Multiple Key Areas.

CoolSculpting treats several areas of the body. They are:


Flanks aka “Love Handles”

Under the chin/Double chin

Back and bra area

Inner thighs

Outer thighs

Upper arms

Under the buttocks/Banana rolls

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas at ZO Skin Centre Dallas

 3. CoolSculpting Has No Anesthesia, No Scarring, No Every Day Interruption!

CoolSculpting is so comfortably noninvasive there’s no need for sedation. You don’t need monitoring or spending time in recovery. There is also no anesthesia which means you can go about your day before and after CoolSculpting. So you can return to work or your daily routine, as you like. 

 4. CoolSculpting Results Are Permanent!

CoolSculpting permanently removes fat cells. Yes, you read that correctly. Once the treated fat cells are CoolSculpted/crystallized (frozen), your body processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells. Those fat cells are gone for good! The body does not regrow or make new fat cells. Although brand new ones could form, to maintain your desired results, we highly recommend that you follow a proper diet plan and workout routine.

5. CoolSculpting Doesn’t Leave Behind Scars And No One Will Know!

CoolSculpting doesn’t leave behind any battle scars, and that’s a good thing. Freezing away your fat cells in the chosen treatment areas will only leave a little redness for a few minutes. Why? Because it was just frozen. The redness and numbness usually subside on their own and disappear a few hours after treatment. Your fat cells naturally die over 90 days after freezing away the fat. As they die off, you gradually slim down, showing results. Leaving your CoolSculpting sessions as your best-kept secret.

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