Retail Space - The ZO Skin Centre

About Our Retail Area

One of the most exciting aspects of our Dallas ZO Skin Centre is our showcase of the expanded ZO skincare line. With stunning display cases positioned conveniently in our reception area, guests are able to see first hand the exceptional products the ZO Skin Health line has to offer. After your private skincare consultation and/or planned treatment session, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate products to incorporate into your personalized daily regimen. Dr. Obagi's specially formulated skincare products are uniquely designed to complement the services you receive at The ZO Skin Centre. With the proper combination of regular treatments and a tailored at-home routine, visible improvements will be noticeable as well as the long-term skin health benefits. Our consultants will work with you to explain each product in detail, and patients can return time and time again to replenish their products as needed. Each experience is as exciting as the first, as we continue to work to update you on any new products, anti-aging treatments, and services we offer.