Can CoolSculpting Make Cellulite Disappear?


Despite countless hours spent in the gym coupled with a stringent diet plan, certain areas of the body prove resistant to fat reduction. Did you know that in as little as 35 minutes you can freeze off those pesky fat cells that have adorned your body for years? Thanks in part to rapid medical advancements, a noninvasive body sculpting treatment called CoolSculpting may be your new best friend. Equally loved by both men and women in Dallas, TX, CoolSculpting is known for its unique ability to tone and obliterate the body of stubborn pockets of fat. However, it is important to emphasize that CoolSculpting does not get rid of cellulite. It is meant to reduce and eliminate the fat beneath the skin, not the skin itself.

Today, with CoolSculpting making waves in the aesthetic industry, there are now real options for those who are resistant to more invasive surgical treatments, like liposuction when it comes to body contouring. The experts at ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, TX, offers this revolutionary treatment for their patients. Men and women who are close to their ideal body weight but cannot seem to shed those unyielding pockets of fat will love CoolSculpting. Read below as we take an in-depth look at how the benefits of CoolSculpting can be your reality in as little as 35 minutes.


CoolSculpting explained

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive, FDA-approved, form fat reduction, or cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting uses controlled freezing temperatures to break down fat cells which are then naturally eliminated through the body over time. The science behind the cold temperatures is utilized for its unique ability to not cause harm to the surrounding cells or tissues, just fat. CoolSculpting has a fantastic ability to transform the bodies of both men and women in Dallas, TX, with remarkable results that will have your swimsuit ready year-round.

What areas of the body can be treated with CoolSculpting?

Everybody has specific areas of the body that they wish to slim. Some men and women opt for more invasive surgeries to rid their bodies of fat. Others are not interested in the recovery time that is needed for the body heal with a procedure like liposuction or a tummy tuck. CoolSculpting is an excelled weapon in the fight against fat -- but does not reduce the appearance of cellulite. If cellulite is your concern, you can discuss other alternative options with the staff at ZO Skin Centre.

The most popular and receptive areas of the body to treat with CoolSculpting include:

  • upper arms and under the armpits
  • abdomen
  • buttocks and under the buttocks
  • the flanks above the hips
  • thighs
  • knees
  • back
  • waist
  • chin

What does CoolSculpting treatment involve?

From start to finish, a typical CoolSculpting treatment takes about an hour. Depending on the number of areas being treated, the procedure can be done in as little as 35 minutes. One of the most significant benefits of CoolSculpting is that it is noninvasive, unlike liposuction. Also, making this procedure stand out amongst its competitors is its uncanny ability to produce results without the need for incisions, meaning no downtime or recovery period. After treatment, you will be on your way to resume your day's activities as the treatment begins to contour your body. At ZO Skin Centre, your trained professional will apply a gel to the skin enabling the device to work its magic on the targeted treatment area. Controlled temperature cooling is utilized over the desired area. Many patients report a quick, intense sensation of coldness that subsides in the first five to 10 minutes. 


Candidates for CoolSculpting

We all have areas of our body that we would love to improve. That is why the team at ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, TX, is dedicated to providing their patients with the latest and greatest body sculpting technology. It is important to note that CoolSculpting is not meant for adults who need to lose a large amount of weight or want to get rid of unsightly cellulite. Patients in Dallas, TX, who have a good amount of excess skin often the result of extreme weight loss or childbirth are not likely to be happy with their CoolSculpting outcome. It works best on those individuals who are already in good shape, exercise, eat right, and are at or near their ideal body weight, but still have pockets of fat that won’t go away.


CoolSculpting is a fantastic solution for reducing fat in just a few sessions. Most patients notice effects in as little as three weeks and the final awe-inspiring change in a short amount of time following treatment. Depending on their aesthetic goal, some patients will see improvement with just one session, others may require more. 


Benefits of CoolSculpting over other body contouring procedures

The benefits are many and most notable is the boost in self-confidence people feel from simply feeling better about their appearance. Here are some reasons why you should give CoolSculpting a try:

  • Low-risk procedure
  • Less risk of complications since no incisions made
  • Very few reports of adverse reactions
  • No downtime
  • The results are natural
  • Can help shed those remaining pockets of fat
  • Less risk of regaining weight in treated areas since fat cells are gone
  • Low risk of skin dimpling or bumps since cells are evenly destroyed


Are you ready to look and feel better about your body? You have done the work at the gym and with your diet, so now is the time to let CoolSculpting help you cross the finish line. This noninvasive, customizable body contouring treatment finally rids stubborn areas of your body from unwanted fat to provide you with that smooth silhouette you earned. The FDA-approved CoolSculpting technology is the solution you have been searching for to take your body goals to the next level. We invite you to call ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, TX today to schedule a consultation and learn more about this fantastic procedure. 

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